How We Train

Face to face training

There are many distance and virtual training options available however I truly believe that there is nothing like face to face training. This is also a view shared by many researchers and experts and face to face learning is still the most popular and effective way of learning. Humans are naturally sociable and we enjoy interaction with other humans. A key element of the learning process is the dynamic relationship between the learners and the learners with the trainer, this is almost certainly minimised or lost completely with virtual learning.


Of course there are some advantages to virtual learning e.g. it's instantaneous, convenient and it can be more cost effective. The eLearning tools avaialble have improved a great deal since the early days and are now so easy to use. The Learning Management System we use gives the ability to monitor, manage and record training activity. All training courses include a certificate of achievement.

"Any fool can know. The point is to understand." Albert Einstein


All training will be delivered by a certified trainer, assuring inclusivity, varied learning approaches and personable training. Our accredited and regulated training courses form part of the Qualification and Credit Framework. (QCF)


Bespoke training courses can be designed and developed for your own specific needs; all we require is the relevant information. We can produce training manuals and operators' handbooks, for example, I have written training materials and operators handbooks for internal movement vehicles through to 1200 tonne quayside gantry cranes.

Change Management

Culture ChangeCulture change in an organisation is often desired however is seldom successful therefore the logical question would be why?

Of course there are a number of reasons for this however there are some basic rules that must be followed. Providing information and training is a good start but where do we go from there?

To help with this I have designed a presentation that explains the basics of Influencing Culture Change.


FreelanceNeed someone short term, have a specific project, need weekly, monthly or 6 monthly visits?

We are here to help. You can be assured of professional integrity at all times, for example Scorpion Safety will be used for invoicing purposes only and will not be promoted whilst contracted on behalf of another company.

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