Refresher Training

How often should refresher training take place?

You should consider a gap between training and refresher training of between three to five years, depending on the risks. Some companies provide refresher training more often than this. (HSE)

Why offer refresher training?

  • It is recommended by the HSE as good practice
  • Keeps candidates updated with any changes in legislation
  • Reinforce what has been previously learnt and maintains good habits
  • People may have changed jobs or undertaken extra responsibilities;
  • The way they work may have changed
  • People lose skills if they do not use them regularly

Does refresher training have to be by the same accredited body?

No, as long as the refresher is carried out by a competent person and covers the core subject areas of the candidate's previous course level

For example: Manager/Supervisor level the main refresher course aims would be:

  • - Revise key management responsibilities for supervisors and managers
  • - Update on any relevant changes in legislation, good practice, guidance and standards

Course duration: 1 day

We can tailor courses/refreshers to cover your specific requirements e.g. Risk Assessment, Accident and investigation etc.

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